Jeanne Walker, English.

In 2018, Jeanne’s newest book, Pilgrim, You Find The Path by Walking, will be published by Mt. Tabor Books in the Arts, an imprint of Paraclete Press. Watch this space for details. Meanwhile, here’s one of the 60 sonnets you will find in the book:


It was your hunch, this world.  On the heyday
of creation, you called, Okay, go! and a ball
of white hot gasses spun its lonely way
for millions of years, all spill and dangerous fall
until it settled into orbit.  And a tough
neighborhood, it was, too.  Irate Mars,
and sexually explicit Venus, the scruff
of a moody moon, and self-important stars.

And trees.  Think of their endless rummage
for light, their photo-what’s-it, how their growing
is barely regulated damage.  Then birds,
mice, sheep.  Soon people, bursting into language.
Creation thinking about itself:  our words soaring
like yours through time, dangerous, ordinary words.


Other News:

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Helping the Morning

Listen to Jeanne’s Convocation Address
to University of Delaware graduating
English Majors, May 27, 2016.

Listen to Jeanne reading poems

In April and May 2017, Jeanne will serve as guest faculty teaching poetry with the  Gordon College Program in Orvieto, Italy.  In October and November she will return to teach again.

Recently published:

“At the Ocean,” “Study: How the Leaf Falls,” and “Mendelssohn Finds the St. Matthew Passion,” all sonnets, are in the current issue of The Hudson Review.

“”The Cobbler Goes Out of Business” appeared in The Christian Century

“Leaving the Planetarium,” “Bergman,” “Miniature Psalm of Complaint,” “In the Beginning was the Word,” and “Staying Power” appear in The Turning Aside, Edited by D. S. Martin.

“Letter to a Poet” appears in Cleaver and will be reprinted in Shining Rock Poetry Anthology. 

“The Villain Who Shut Down an Epic,” an essay about Fake News in Spenser’s Faerie Queene, was invited as part of a feature in The New Ohio Review.

Over winter, 2016-17, Jeanne’s poems have been reprinted in The Good Letters Blog, The Behemoth, Between Midnight and Dawn, and the textbook, Literature and Composition: Reading, Writing, Thinking.

“Attempt” appears in the Spring, 2017 issue of Spiritus.


Watch the following publications for Jeanne’s work: Image, The Christian Century, Arts, Plume, The 2017 Reformation Poem Project, and The Bellingham Review.


Archived News:

100 Years of Poetry Magazine

“Little Blessing for My Floater,” published in
Poetry in 2004, was reprinted in the anthology
celebrating Poetry’s first 100 years: The Open
Door: 100 Poets, 100 Years of Poetry, 2012.
Poetry magazine is the premier magazine
publishing poetry in the United States, the first
publisher of such poets as T. S. Eliot and Wallace
Stevens. The volume is available from Amazon
or Barnes and Noble.


jeannefood1smallerJeanne’s reflection on shopping for produce as a form of communion appears in The Spirit of Food.

Image Interview

Luci Shaw’s interview of Jeanne appeared in the Winter 2010 issue of Image magazine.

Best American Poetry

Best American Poetry, 2009 includes “Holding Action,” Jeanne’s poem, which originally appeared in The Hudson Review.
Read Jeanne’s poems on Verse Daily.
“Praying for Rain in Santa Fe” appears in Gathering, artist Ed Colker’s celebration of 15 poets to mark the 50th anniversary of Haybarn Press in 2010.

Jeanne’s tips on writing for the theater, “The Steep and Exhilarating Mountains of Play Writing,” appear in A Syllable of Water: Twenty Writers of Faith Reflect on Their Art.

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