Pilgrim, You Find the Path by Walking

Jeanne Murray Walker’s wondrous new collection attests to the enduring value and relevance of poetic form. This is poetry we need today, this is poetry for always.  —Sofia Starnes, past poet laureate of Virginia 

Walker proves that the sonnet form can provoke new levels of meaning, enrich language usually unheard, and uncover images invisible to the casual viewer. We find a universe of colors we have never imagined and questions we have hardly dared to ask.”  —Jill Baumgaertner, poetry editor for The Christian Century

“There is a rock-solid belief in the mystery of beauty in these poems, and in the perpetual creation of a God always creating; and there is an equally foundational belief in form and how the sonnet form itself can give rise to a seemingly infinite variety of permutations.  —Robert Cording, poet and author of Only So Far: Poems